Our Services

Dedicated Support and Pathway Plans

Continuity of support is a vital part of our service provision; consequently, every young person we support has their own dedicated Key Worker. This enables our Key Workers to develop engaging and positive relationships with the young people, whilst also ensuring that the young people are supported by someone that knows and understands their needs, and can therefore advocate for them effectively.

Our highly trained and experienced staff undertake an in-depth assessment process, which involves gathering information from and consulting with the young person, those directly involved with their care and other external/support agencies. Following this, a Pathway Plan is created detailing specific actions, targets of support and desired goals and outcomes for each young person.

To ensure our provision is consistently flexible and responsive, the Pathway Plan is broken down into weekly action plans. Every young person’s risk assessment and Pathway Plan is reviewed every 6 months, to ensure they stay relevant to their ongoing needs and goals.

Transition and Support Programmes

Our fundamental belief is that young people need more than basic independent living skills to develop into well-rounded adults, capable of making informed and positive decisions for themselves. We advocate and provide a holistic approach to support, which includes developing self-esteem, empathy and emotional resilience.

To promote the transition to adulthood, we deliver comprehensive support programmes, tailored to each young person’s individual needs. In addition to daily support, our provision actively promotes health and wellbeing, education, training and employment opportunities.

The support and transition programmes we offer consist of:

  • Wellbeing

A unique programme aimed at developing the confidence, resilience and emotional wellbeing of our young people.

  • Independent Living

Aimed at equipping young people with the skills to thrive and live productive independent lives. The areas covered include health education; everyday management and general communication skills; education, training and employment.

  • Specialist online training

Through The Training Hub, each young person can access 60 courses designed specifically to empower young people leaving care.

  • Therapeutic Support

Focused support for young people with more complex needs, including counselling and interventions, and practical learning and development support for SEN.