Voice & Choice

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide effective and meaningful support to young people.  By equipping them with the tools to engage positively with society, their community and education and employment, we empower them to achieve success and fulfilment in their adult lives.

We’re always listening to you

Voice & Choice

At the heart of our service provision is ensuring the voices and views of young people are heard and implemented into service delivery. For our service to be truly effective at meeting the needs of young people, and empowering them to make positive life choices for themselves, they need to feel like they are listened to not simply “done to”. As such, our young people are directly informed, involved and consulted at all stages of the support process, from planning and implementation to making provisions for their future.

We also ensure that all information is accessible for those young people with language or communication needs. We use the following tools to achieve our goal of ensuring that our consultation with young people is effective and their voices are consistently heard:


  • Self Portraits/ “Selfie”
  • One to ones with Key workers
  • “Where am I now?” survey
  • Monthly house meetings (group living)
  • Journals
  • Workshops
  • Post box
  • Young people and management forums